ARBOtarget. Behavioral Targeting solution.

How are you planning your advertising campaign?

With a standard planning an advertising campaign (media advertising on single web sites, advertising on search engines or social media), an important indicator – is the coverage of the target audience.

How to cover 100% of the target audience and how to save the budget and get the most out?

Relying on subjective methods of evaluation of the target audience, you can get as a result not exactly quality and coverage, as a result, the negative results of the campaign.

atarget_ver-300x1741Try behavioral targeting system ARBOtarget, a unique solution that we realize since beginning of 2013.

This solution combines all the possible sources of data on the target audience.

In 2014, we’re expanded the list of technological and traffic partners: MediaMath, Google ADX, Facebook FBX, Microsoft AdEx, AppNexus, Rubicon Project, Yahoo !, Axel Springer, Ströer, etc., expanded the list of partners, sources of data for retargeting:, BlueKai, Nielsen, AZ direkt and so on. Can make even data on the Russian Internet providers.

Technological solutions from ARBODIGITAL allow cross-platform advertising campaign on the market RTB advertising: media placement, advertising campaigns in social networks and mobile platforms, advertising campaigns with video formats – all with a unified through-targeting.

Getting traffic from various partner SSPs – we are analyzing it by using custom profiles obtained and issued to you only the most targeted audience.

All possible retargeting can be applied. Various combinations of targeting will cover only the most targeted audience via c search, socio-demographic targeting, available thematic targeting, targeting the same interests.
Geo-targeting in our system is available up to the streets of any city in Russia …
We will be able to reach an audience of any online resource, even if the site is not involved in any advertising or promotional campaigns, networks, and also, for example, is a corporate …
We know exactly where to find your target audience and we know that your advertising message will show only those users who are interested in getting it to your offers.
With ARBOTARGET you can use dynamic creatives, campaigns with any fixed-size banners and get the most analytical and reporting.

Pricing is based on an auction model – CPM and CPC, with the ability to optimize campaigns on CPC / CPA. This means that the advertiser can itself dictate the price parameters of its advertising campaign!

Affiliate network coverage ~ 50 million RU visitors per day, billions of impressions per month … We know how to use them wisely and efficiently dispose of.

During the year, we have conducted more than 200 advertising campaigns. We are confident in their abilities.

Learn more about ARBOtarget by contacting our Sales department.